Scarves and Stories

The collection of PAROL scarves has been inspired by divas and heroes from history, literature, pop music, film and art, who have uttered, sung, and written immortal, evergreen words of wisdom in both joyful and challenging times.

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"A truly good phrase, a bonmot pleases not only the mind, but warms the heart and the neck. That is the place of PAROL Accessoires with their quotations and sayings knitted into scarves." (ZEIT)

Sommerschal, Sommerschals, summer scarf, summer scarves

Muse & Poet. A hymn made of scarves. Our muses are three grandes dames de chanson, Hildegard Knef, Zarah Leander, Edith Piaf. We were fascinated by these unique voices of passionate life. The poets are the immortals: Vergil, William Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Richard Wagner! In this olympus you'll find also the ingenous componist and songwriter Cole Porter, of course the genius of the cinema, Charlie Chaplin, the amazing First Lady of cinema, Katherine Hepburn, the French poets Albert Camus, Arthur Rimbaud, Guillaume Apollinaire - and Rainer Maria Rilke. PAROL pays homage to these immortals with beautiful scarves made of cashmere/merinowool superfine and finely combed cotton and microfibre.


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